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Monday, 27 November 2017 11:05

Top 10 Tips to Know When Renting an Italian Villa

Top 10 Tips to Know When Renting an Italian Villa - from our Villa Reservation Team.

20171009 134733 bestJust back from a recent trip to Italy where she stayed with 6 other couples in a luxurious Italian Villa, Accent on Travel owner and travel aficionado offers up her tips to book your next Italian Villa vacation.

  1. Keep in mind all deposits are nonrefundable so when you are gathering up friends or family, let them know that their money is not coming back if they have to bail out of the trip unless they buy ‘travel insurance’.

  2. Count on and confirm all the service quotes include the countries VAT taxes and ‘service fees’.

  3. Confirm the contract with the Villa notes what exactly is included - maid service may not be daily or may cost more for more people staying in the villa, heating, air-conditioning may or may not be included.

  4. Tips for the staff are not included and are expected - just find out how much is the traditional amount.

  5. Plan on transportation daily needed - a run to the wine store, grocery store, in town shopping, and touring - ask and have a plan for those needs/desires.

  6. Double check ‘how many the villa sleep’s - it could be single rooms, twin beds, double beds, etc - get specific before you commit if you care about bedding.

  7. Although sheets and towels and paper goods are included, nothing edible or drinkable is included unless it is stated in the contract.

  8. Plan on renting in ‘hot spots’ 8 - 18 months in advance especially during prime seasons - ie wine country.   

  9. Who is paying when something gets broken.  Yes, it happens - a lamp, table, etc

  10. Luggage handling is not included so advise your friends and relatives to pack light to haul their own luggage to their room.