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Wednesday, 15 April 2015 00:23

Accent On: Culinary Travels

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annette with jacque pepin

Growing up in an Italian household, Annette Nero Stellhorn, owner of Accent On Travel, knows good food when she tastes it.  Her passion for travel and love of food intersect when she is able to share culinary-inspired trips with the clients of Accent On Travel. From a cooking class in Italy, to exotic tastings in Vietnam, to a La Reserve wine pairing dining experience sponsored by Wine Spectator on Oceania Cruises, Annette’s team of seven full-time travel advisors have your inside ticket to foodie culture around the world!

Annette has been on over 82 different cruise ships and considers Oceania Cruises a food lover’s second home.  Sister company to Regent Seven Seas, Oceania Cruises designers chose to focus on two themes of cultural interest to enrich cruise passengers’ worldwide travels - culinary experiences and an on-board art collection. 

Regardless of where in the world you are, each ship features food market shore excursions, onboard cooking classes, and a wide array of new cuisines in intimate dining rooms and wine-pairing venues. 

Oceania Cruises’ on-board restaurants rival 5-star eateries across the globe, with a country club atmosphere and a ‘no additional fee’ dining experience. Oceania cuisine was inspired by Master Chef Jacques Pepin who sails, on occasion, as a guest host.   

Invited on a private cruise to celebrate the cruise line’s success, Annette was pleased to not only meet Master Chef Pepin and receive his signed cookbook, but she was also selected to participate in the Oceania Cruises Bon Appetit Culinary Center cooking class cohosted by the Master Chef.  

“With roots as a Sussex Countian farm girl, I have always had an appreciation for farm-to-table cooking and exceptional food,” says Annette. “Whether simply fresh or divinely blended, fabulous food is internationally appreciated!  I believe culinary experiences bring strangers together as friends more quickly than any other singular experience.  That is why our travel advisors recommend adding culinary elements to travel experiences. “

Annette is among 50 travel professionals nominated to the prestigious Bon Appetit magazine “Tastemaker” designation, bringing culinary travel to Bon Appetit readers.  “It is a surprise and an honor to even be nominated as a culinary-inspired travel professional,” said Annette, who has been a travel professional for more than 25 years. 

On May 9, Annette will be on the radio (105.9 FM) with the Rehoboth Foodie’s Sip & Bite show discussing culinary travel experiences around the world and the last minute opportunity to join a local culinary tour guide, Paul Cullen, on an Oceania Cruise in Europe.

Interested in an enriching travel experience? Ready for a food-inspired vacation?  Call Accent On Travel today to discuss your desires and to learn more about Oceania Cruises from the experts.