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Katie Pickering

Excellent services and personal care! Katie has provided excellent advice and is extremely responsive to my questions. I never waited more than an hour for her responses. She is the best travel agent we have ever used and she is already planning our next two trips!

Katie picsWhy do you love being in the travel industry?

I thoroughly enjoy helping people experience what may be their vacation of a lifetime! Whether it’s traveling around our great nation or experiencing the cultures of a foreign country, I get to follow in Walt Disney’s footsteps in making dreams come true! I love to travel, and that enthusiasm can’t help but spill over into each one of my client’s vacations. A piece of me gets to travel with them!

Where you hail from and what makes you proud to be from there and how that influences your travel profession?

I was raised in Hays, Kansas: the breadbasket and heartland of the USA. Home to billowing, golden wheat fields and wide-open spaces. A much slower-paced life where people have the time to get to know their neighbors and build lasting friendships. Helping your neighbor is way of life. A necessity. My father was a doctor and my mother a social worker and avid volunteer: my desire to help people comes naturally. And, thanks to my parents’ belief that traveling is a part of a well-rounded education, I’ve visited 39 US states so far.

Specialties / Certifications in the Industry:

I am certified with all the luxury cruise lines and river cruise companies; certified expert for Egypt, Peru, and Aruba; and I especially enjoy eating & drinking my way through Italy as often as possible. There’s nothing like sharing my passions with like-minded people. It’s infectious!

Favorite Travel Experience and Why?

Traveling with my siblings and parents throughout Ireland while visiting family and relatives, laughing and learning about our ancestry. The Irish are probably the most welcoming people I’ve met. Even if I weren’t of Irish descent, I’d still make that claim. And the entire island is visually stunning as well: from rolling green hills to sheer cliffs. I look forward to returning again and again.

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