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David Wade

DavidWade 2017After several years spent in the restaurant industry and focusing on culinary concepts, I found my true passion was fulfilled by getting people to destinations where they could immerse themselves not just in a meal but in a new culture.  In the restaurant industry, my position included working with international students coming for summer employment and now hope to connect with them again in my professional career. I think my first trip in the industry will always be my favorite – traveling through Great Britain on a guided tour with 35 travel minded individuals was life changing! 

Having been born and raised in Delaware, I am used to finding diversity in a small area.  When I entered the travel profession, I was immediately drawn to gathering details for my clients about possible places to eat at the destination, sharing with them the fun and interesting things to do while there, and finding the ‘PERFECT’ accommodations to match their taste and budget!  That led to my training to include a certification in Luxury Hotels and Resorts around the world!  I already knew that knowing the people on the ‘inside’ of the restaurant business would change your dining experience but had no idea the difference how much knowing the sales and reservation managers, and even the concierge at the best addresses would change our clients' vacation!&

The world is a big place so Accent On Travel team members each have to become ‘the Go-To’ on a travel experience which takes quite a bit of travel & training – actually hundreds of hours in training and traveling!  I am proud to be a Certified Destination Specialist for Australia, Hawaii, and the UK of Scotland, England & Wales!  I have also completed the level of Travel Expert for over 15 different cruise lines and tour operators that our clients prefer from luxury to expedition!  Personally, I travel every chance I get!  Indulging in the food and immersing myself in the local culture just fills my cup with more experiences to share!

If you are looking to use travel to celebrate with that special someone or the family, let's talk about the options!  Or if you are traveling abroad for the first time – whether young or old, please let me help!  I believe that first trip can set the tone for the rest of their life’s travel desires!

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