TCS World Travel: Private Luxury Jet Tours for Distinguished Travelers 


As a tour operator offering luxury private jet travel, TCS World Travel has regularly been listed near the top of Travel+Leisure magazine’s list of best tour companies. And it’s not hard to see why. 


This past June, our Luxury Travel Specialist Sarah Crimian traveled to Seattle to experience the private jet lifestyle with TCS. During her visit she was introduced to the TCS team.


"They were phenomenal and so ready to assist with making your dream trips come true,” Sarah said. “Whether looking into a custom private plane tour, or custom land experience, their team works with us to get access to some of the most exclusive and remote destinations in the world.”


The private jet experience is a first-class offering all the way. The jets themselves are decked out in the expected amenities of a luxury jet: Bose headphones, iPads at the seats, and an onboard chef – but aside from all those comforts the real benefit comes through more time in exotic hard-to-reach destination and less time on the hassle of the travel itself.   


Not only are travelers in comfort with a motivated and accommodating staff who seamlessly cater your experience, but they also never have to worry about spending more than 7 hours in flight while reaching some of the most exotic destinations in the world.


All journeys with TCS are all-inclusive, customized insider experiences, but for Sarah the absolute best part of the experience is the amount time saved. The amount of time spent in flight, connecting to more flights and waiting in airports is all minimized with TCS. One of the most stunning statistics for Sarah was the comparison of time spent in an airport, which on an around the world trip can average about 86 hours, while with TCS the average is 9 hours!


“Working in travel I find that the biggest hurdle for so many is time and trying to fit so much in with the time we all have available,” she said. “Travel with TCS is the solution to this chronic issue and TCS offers the full scope of the globe with many different itineraries.”


In additional to the time saved there is also a great value when considering private jet travel. Sarah discussed the value of a TCS itinerary.


“On so many private jets you essentially have to charter the whole thing,” Crimian said. “With TCS you book your seat! Sometimes, say if you have a family of five or six, clients wonder if it’s worth doing the private jet experience? With TCS is it is. Being able to book seats gives you flexibility.” 


Finally, TCS provides a wonderful opportunity for solo travelers as well. 


“Their single supplement is only 10%,” Crimian said. “Way lower than you usually see. They were saying that 30-40% of their clientele is actually singles.” 


Ready to see more? Check out these signature trips and contact or call 302-278-6100 to speak to her or one of our other luxury travel advisors.