Solo Traveler's Club

New solo traveler’s club serves those traveling without partners


Accent On Travel, now in their 30th year of offering travel services to vacationers seeking the best experiences possible, is responding to a niche of local travelers needs by launching a solo traveler’s club.  The club, named Accent On Solo Travel, had its 1st meeting on Tuesday, February 12th at Kings Creek Country Club in Rehoboth Beach. 


Accent on Travel’s team of certified travel advisors and cruise consultants offer their expertise and vacation management skills to find the best options that are as unique as each one of their clients.  At the Accent on Solo Travel Club meetings, the members will be provided insights to be used during the trip planning stage as well as travel tips that are specific to solo travelers


Owner of Accent on Travel, Annette Stellhorn notes, “There are so many great reasons to get this group of fun loving travelers together.  We have created meetings that are relevant to them exclusively.”


Solo travelers are often disappointed to see the pricing for those requesting single accommodations are sometimes twice as much as for those sharing accommodations.  The Accent on Solo Travel Club will provide a venue to learn about travel opportunities that have no or a reduced single supplement add on for those requiring ‘single supplements’. 


Accent on Solo Travel Club representative and Certified Travel Advisor, Jill Lokoff notes “We have spent the last few months vetting over 150 tour and cruise companies regarding their ‘single supplement’ policies and ‘solo traveler offerings’ and have created a list of guest speakers for our meetings that match our requirements of having little or no single supplements on at least a few journeys.”  At the meetings, held on the second Tuesday of each month, members will enjoy a luncheon along with a topic presentation which sometimes includes a guest speaker. 


February’s meeting featured the sales manager for AmaWaterways which offers single accommodations for no single supplement addon on all sailings based on availability.  The sales manager reviewed the ships, single staterooms, the destinations and any special offers available to members. 


The luncheons will also give members the opportunity to ‘mix and mingle’ with other solo travelers and possibly meet new friends.  Lokoff said “We want to remove the worry of having to find someone to travel with when selecting a destination off their ‘wish list’ of travel experiences.”


A monthly newsletter, managed by Lokoff, will keep members up to date on new travel trends and destinations, new ships, group trip opportunities, and membership discounts for travel services. 


“The Rehoboth Beach travel agency has been servicing solo travelers for several years already so is well versed in servicing those who don’t want to wait to find a roommate or talk someone else into traveling,” says Stellhorn. 


Seven-time Accent On Travel solo traveler Connie Andrews explains why she travels with Accent.


“When I travel I want to meet new people, see new sights and taste new flavors without paying double the cost for a solo accommodation," she said. "Accent on Travel has always made me feel welcome as a solo traveler and never made me feel as an oddity.”  


Traveler Dana Luigard said, “Traveling solo allows me the opportunity to travel the world in the style that I prefer, without jeopardizing my comfort or being held back. If you had to find someone to travel with each time you wouldn’t end up traveling!  Accent on Travel always makes me feel comfortable knowing that all components of my trips are handled smoothly, and that they never make me feel that I need to find a travel partner.”


Accent on Travel’s Group Travel Coordinator, Sofia Hedman stated, “We already have quite a few solo travelers who are thrilled to know they can join any of our hosted groups, but this opens up options even more.” 


The club is open to the public.


For more information about joining the Accent on Solo Travel Club or to host a club meeting at your local community center, please email Jill Lokoff at  or call 302-864-2990 on or before February 10th. We will be waiving our pre-registration fee for this first meeting of the new year!