Oceania Cruises Food Immersion Experiences

We love booking Oceania Cruises for our food and wine lovers. They're perfect for groups! Accent on Travel founder Annette Stellhorn talks about just what makes Oceania's food experiences so special.

Oceania is the Cruise Line with the most epicurean focused activities and tours. Those include classes, an onboard kitchen, where passengers are taught recipes they would eat on Oceania as well as holiday recipes. A tapas class. An Italian cooking class.

Each station has a stovetop and a sink – they can hold up to 24 people in a kitchen.

You can literally spend all your days at sea cooking exceptional class food.

They also have on their guided tours the option to go with one of the ships chefs to go to the destination and good to a food market, bring it back on board, and have a class on what you just bought.

It’s pure culinary immersion where you can explore regional cuisine. 

You can have a guided tour where you can explore regional cuisine and recipes.  

You can dine in locally renown restaurants.

They do culinary like no one else. Even if you do not want to take a class, you can enjoy fabulous food in their speciality restaurants.

The restaurants on their large ships give you a wonderful variety of food that consistently has the highest award-winning standards. 


In my opinion, Oceania Cruises has the widest variety and deepest immersion for food and wine on any ocean vessel. 

Oceania is my 'go to' ocean cruise line for my wine and food enthusiasts looking for a curated experience for their group travel experiences.


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