Join Annette and Rick Stellhorn for Accent On Travel's 30th Anniversary 'Adventure' Cruise

Japan & South Korea Expedition Cruise onboard Silversea's Luxury Expedition Ship - Silver Sea Explorer


Your Hosts

There is a real sense of accomplishment in creating special memories, new friendships, and successfully orchestrating each component to make the best travel experiences possible!  In 25+ years, I have never had a boring day!  I have a great sense of curiosity which fits perfectly in making sure the team of Accent On Travel has the newest  technology, best services, reputable worldwide contacts, and latest destination information so our clients are those with ‘exceptional vacation memories’.  Regardless of who’s lives I touch, I hope to make a positive difference!   

As a passionate traveller and business owner for over 25 years, I enjoy working with my team of professional travel consultants to skilfully created seamless and worry-free travel experiences for thousands of vacationers!  On a day to day basis, I am fortunate to make a difference in people’s lives through travel.  I focus on designing vacation experiences that match the traveller’s unique preferences and desires.  Personally, I have toured on all 7 continents, 87 countries, and sailed on more than 92 different ocean cruises, river cruises, and sailing vessels.  This world travel experience helps guide our group department and is a resource as I work with clients and staff to provide enriching and meaningful travel experiences.

Your Trip

Explore the natural beauty and unique culture of Japan during the perfect season!  Travel with your professional travel hosts on this ‘small ship’ (130 guests) cruise and enjoy the best sights of Japan and a full complement of included unique, small-group shore experiences, led by a team of expert guides and lectures, all onboard drinks and gratuities included.  Exclusive DISCOUNTED Single Traveler Rates for a limited time!

Join Your Hosts in Tokyo & Kyoto!

Consider adding our optional 3 night Kyoto (Nara) Pre & 3 night Tokyo (Fuji) Post Cruise stay – available May 2018.

Our Exclusives

Our Expedition Cruise-Vacation includes:

  • 9 Nights in Butler serviced staterooms
  • Complimentary Beverages Served Throughout the Ship
  • All Shipboard Gratuities
  • All port charges & taxes
  • In-Suite Dining and 24-Hour Room Service
  • In-Suite Beverages
  • Free Wi-Fi Throughout the Ship*
  • Transportation into Town
  • Professionally hosted from USA by Annette & Rick, Owners of Accent On Travel
  • Roundtrip Airport transfers abroad

*Every guest will receive one free hour of Wi-Fi per day, with select suites receiving unlimited Wi-Fi.

From: $5500.00 per person

Optional Add-Ons Available for purchase:

Join Your Hosts in Tokyo & Kyoto!

Consider adding our optional 3 night Kyoto (Nara) Pre & 3 night Tokyo (Fuji) Post Cruise stay – available May 2018.

Valid Passports are required with expiration dates past November 26, 2019

Cruise itinerary

Kobe Japan
Sunday 12 May 
Depart 17:00
Located on the calm waters of the Inland Sea, Kobe has served as an important port town for hundreds of years. It was one of the first
harbours to accept foreign traders in 1868 when Japan was just emerging from its centuries of isolation. What followed was a surge of Western trade and exports. Today, Kobe is quite multicultural, with expatriates from 98 different nations in residence, providing a cultural diversity most easily visible in restaurants serving every kind of cuisine, including the now world famous Kobe beef.
 Monday 13 May 
Arrive: 07:00, Depart 23:00
Okayama is an important transportation hub and one of the largest cities of the Chugoku Region. It is famous because it has one of Japan’s most significant gardens. Although the “Korakuen” Garden was severely damaged by bombs in WWII, the descriptions and paintings from the Edo period permitted an exact reconstruction. It is one of the “Three Gardens of Japan” and has been designated a “Special Scenic Location”. Known formerly as the
centre of rice-distribution in the Okayama area, many old warehouses next to the preserved canal have been converted into museums, boutiques and cafes.
Tuesday 14 May
Arrive: 06:30, Depart 17:00
Takamatsu city is the capital of Kagawa prefecture which is Japan’s smallest prefecture. This city is a vibrant blend of natural beauty and cosmopolitan functionality with a population of 420,000 people. The port of Takamatsu used to be the main gateway to Shikoku Island until the opening of the 37km long Seto Ohashi Bridge in 1988. Takamatsu city has flourished along with the Seto Inland Sea since
17th century when Matsudaira family, the relatives of the Tokugawa Shogun, ruled this area. Matsudaira family has completed the famous Japanese “Ritsurin Garden”.
Wednesday 15 May 
Arrive: 07:00, Depart 11:30
The small island of Miyajima (“The Shrine Island”) is known for the Floating Torii Gate, which is one of “The Three Most Beautiful Views” of Japan. Built in the water, the Torii Gate leads to the Itsukushima Shrine and at high
tide it seems to float. The Torii Gate is one of the most photographed sites in all of Japan. There are many more shrines and paths on Miyajima that are inviting to walk. Mount Misen has a cable car leading partly up to the top with nice views and wild monkeys and deer roaming the trails.
Wednesday 15 May 
Arrive: 13:45, Depart 18:30
On August 6, 1945, at 8:15 am, a massive chunk of metal known as Little Boy fell from an American plane, and the sky ignited and glowed for an instant. In that brief moment, however, it became as hot as the surface of the sun in Hiroshima, until then a rather ordinary workaday city in wartime Japan. Half the city was leveled by the resulting blast, and the rest was set ablaze. Rain impregnated with radioactive fallout then fell, killing many that the fire and 1,000-mph shock wave had not. By the end of this mind-boggling disaster, more than 140,000 people died.
Thursday 16 May 
Arrive: 12:30, Depart 17:00
Hagi is a former castle town located in the top of Yamaguchi prefecture along the coast of the Sea of Japan. It is surrounded by the ocean, mountain and Abugawa River. Early in the 17th century, Terumoto Mori built Hagi Castle at the foot of Mt. Shizuki-
yama, and the area served as the seat of the Yamaguchi prefecture government until the top of 19th century. Around then, Hagi produced many capable men who played a leading role in the construction of modern day Japan, including Hirobumi Ito who became the first prime minister in Japan.
Friday 17 May 
Arrive: 08:00, Depart 17:00
Sakaiminato is a small city almost totally surrounded by water: the Sea of Japan to the east, the Sakai Channel to the north and Lake Nakaumi to the west. Across the
lake the towns of Matsue and Yasugi offer interesting experiences. Matsue is known as the “Town of Water” next to scenic Lake Shinji and Lake Nakaumi. It has one of the very few wooden castles that still remain in Japan. Touring the castle and boat rides on the Horikawa River and the castle’s moat are popular.
Saturday 18 May 
Arrive: 09:00, Depart 21:00
The capital of the Ishikawa Prefecture, Kanazawa once
rivalled Kyoto and Edo (Tokyo) as a town rich in cultural achievements. Kanazawa escaped destruction during World War II and accordingly has been able to preserve many of the old districts in good shape. The city is famous because of Kenrokuen. Located next to Kanazawa Castle, Kenrokuen is classified as “One of the Three Gardens of Japan”. The garden has an artificial pond, and hills and houses are dotted within the 11.4 hectares. It has Japan’s oldest fountain using natural water pressure and a tea-house dating back to 1774.
Day at sea 
At sea
Sunday 19 May
While we're at sea, enjoy wine tastings, designer boutiques, language
and dance classes. Take in a matinee movie, check the market or your e-mail in the Internet Point, slip away with a novel from the library to a sunny chaise or with a movie to your suite. Or just take in the sun pool side. The choice is yours.
Korea, Republic of
Monday 20 May 
Arrive: 07:00, Depart 14:00
Vibrant urban activity is juxtaposed with dramatic mountain ridges and beautiful beaches in Sokcho, South Korea. Many tourists come to this city of approximately 90,000 residents to visit Seoraksan National Park, home of the highest mountain in Gangwon-
doProvince and the third highest mountain in South Korea. The city and mountain range attracts national and internationally visitors year-round, but particularly in autumn, when the foliage is at its height (and considered the most beautiful in Korea).
Korea, Republic of
Tuesday 21 May
Arrive: 10:00
White-sand city beaches and hot-spring resorts may not be everyone's first image of Korea, but these are what Koreans flock to Busan for all year. And there are plenty of opportunities for rest, relaxation, retail therapy, and even a touch of glamour every October with the Busan International Film Festival. Busan's beaches are the big summertime draw but there is plenty to be seen year round. Quintessential experiences include taking some rest and relaxation at a local spa and exploring the Beomeosa temple complex.