What makes our clients so happy?

Our clients share with us their preferences and concerns on an ongoing basis. In return, our travel advisors take the time to give our clients the advice, attention, and advocacy typically lacking when working with a traditional travel agency, online booking company, or when working directly with a cruise line, tour operator, or hotelier sales agent. On average, Accent On Travel clients save $400 per vacation using our services, negotiated contracts, and advice, which is far more valuable than our typical service fee of $25* per person. And, when an unplanned wrinkle occurs, Accent On Travel is committed to being your advocate before, during, and after your vacation.

Guaranteed - If you are not 100% satisfied that your Accent On Travel advisor has not provided value to your travel plans, we will refund you 100% of the professional service fees charged upon return from your trip.

Whether you have already decided what you want or you are just starting to plan for your upcoming trip, Accent On Travel can help you make your next vacation your best vacation!

We ask that you make an appointment, after all - we have the world at our finger tips and where you want to be is probably more specific!

What does an Accent On Travel advisor handle on behalf of our clients?

Before the 'booking' process begins:

  • Based on the initial conversation, we research the destination of interest for current conditions and travel advisories
  • Review the historic weather and preferred travel time based on our client’s preferred activities
  • Review the current and historic travel offers of reputable travel and or cruise suppliers that would fit our client’s style of travel (these are always as good or better than public offers).
  • Have an initial consultation with the travelers by phone or in person to gather 'facts' relevant to the vacation.
  • Provide the best options with pricing for the vacation of interest based on the traveler’s style of travel

During the booking process:

  • Reconfirmation and processing of payments for the selected vacation product/s.
  • Reviewing transfers, pre and post touring/hotel options
  • Reviewing included or optional flight programs that match the vacation
  • Quoting travel insurance options that best fit the traveler’s protection of investment/medical needs
  • Reviewing the confirmations of all vendors to check for errors in the details or services needed/expected
  • Providing clear documentation of the travel purchases and what is included (or not included).

Management of the vacation until departure:

  • Setting reminders and alerts to make sure financial payments are made on time
  • Being the ‘contact person’ if and when changes occur with the destination, product, or service
  • Being the assistant if and when changes occur with the travelers needs
  • Provide advice and tips on enriching our clients vacation experience
  • Review & apply new offers/benefits that may be applicable to our clients current reservations
  • Provide access and tools to handle current passport/visa requirements for the destination for US 

Post travel services

  • Our travel professionals will reach out to our clients soon after travel to make sure the trip went as planned, to gather any insights and photos the travelers would like to share to help our team assist other future travelers, and to provide advocacy if something did occur that needs to be followed up with a vendor on behalf of our client.

Professional Fees

  • Reserve home to airport transportation for travelers
  • Reserve or provide information for luggage allowances, luggage delivery, packing & sightseeing tips
  • Review all final documents for accuracy and clarity
  • Review all final documents with our clients via phone or in person for clarity of how the travel should unfold
  • Provide insurance and concierge service for emergencies while traveling

For a typical cruise, resort stay, or guided tour anywhere in the world for two people without flight research, our professional service would be about the price of a nice lunch for two. Good quality professional advice and service takes time. We do not cut use cost cutting methods or work exclusively with particular suppliers to earn added bonus or commission that might diminish your vacation experience. Our clients are ‘our clients’. 

To see our up-to-date list of the fees associated with our professional services, please CLICK HERE. 

*Current charge for a cruise or guided tour reservation.