Group Travel

Interested in traveling with your family, friends, co-workers, or maybe just people that share your tastes and interests? Accent On Travel is here to navigate the thousands of vacation choices, helping you every step of the way. Our travel expertise is unmatched, and our negotiated group rates and exclusive benefits are unbeatable. Let us assist you in putting your group together, so you can enjoy the time of your life!

"Accent on Travel has arranged 5 of our Wine Club trips. Our trips are filled with exquisite culinary and wine experiences, that would be a challenge to most travel companies. Accent on Travel been able to continuously arrange all of our travel logistics in a professional and seamlessly style. I would highly recommend them for any travel arrangements."

Tom Poor
Owner Bin 66 Wine and Spirits

What is a Group?

Simple... as few as 10 individuals traveling together, whether it's on a cruise, a resort retreat, a guided vacation or a custom-made itinerary.  They may be family, friends, business associates, all sharing a common interest... to relax, rejuvenate or just have fun!

Why Travel as a Group?

Enjoy customized experiences at the destination featuring the group’s specific interests Exclusive negotiated perks, rates and amenities for as few as 10 travelers and the group promoters Ease of travel planning and logistics while traveling

Why Reserve Your Group with Accent On Travel?

  • Our group travel department has over 20 years in servicing over 500 groups traveling on cruise ships, in resorts in villas, or on a customized land tour itinerary.
  • You enjoy reliable, worry-free management of all the travel details from start to finish and responsive knowledgeable answers to traveler’s ‘pre-travel’ and ‘during-travel’ questions.
  • We know the answers to questions many travelers don’t know to ask.
  • We have the technology to help you ‘get the word out’ with professional tools either online and/or in print.
  • You have friendly, responsive travel advisors who know the ins and outs of a group vacation experience working on your behalf to make your group’s travel experience their best trip ever.

Let us do all the work, so
you can relax and enjoy the experience!

Group Travel Specialists – 
Group Cruises, Guided Tours, Villas & Resorts

  • Family – Celebrations, Ancestries, Adventures, Getaways
  • Friends – Getaways & Celebrations
  • Wine/Beer/Spirits & Food Groups – Customized with dining, tastings, vineyards/breweries tours
  • Religious Groups – Complete with services at religious sites
  • Association/Club Travel – Increase members connection by sharing travel experiences
  • Specialty Groups – Wildlife viewing, theater, gardens, or any hobby with like-minded travelers