Accent on Travel advisor Jill Lokoff is back from a stunning nine-night, 10-day East African Safari with one of our preferred vendors and details her trip in this fabulous photo essay. You can or call (800) 848-3273 to learn more about Safari packages! 

Safari GAME DRIVE in East Africa by Jill Lokoff

A Day On Safari

African Travel offers both pre-packaged guided tours that are with a group or custom itineraries that you can do on your own.
Every day on safari is a new adventure! From the Zebra, Giraffe, and Elephants roaming all across the plains, to watching the pride of Lions raising their new babies, to sitting on your deck listening to the hippos grunt in the river.  Wherever you go in Africa, experiences are waiting for you. 

Early morning:

The start of the day (sometimes even before daylight) is a great time to kick off a morning game drive. Typically the drives start at 6:30am and you layer up as it is still cool in the early morning. Don't forget to bring a jacket, camera and binoculars! This is a great time to possibly see some hunting as it is still cool and the cats either hunt at night or early morning.
This drive will normally go until about 10:30 am depending on what you are finding. Remember as they say “This is Africa” and a schedule is flexible when on safari.
After spending the morning out looking for new animals and sights you will return to your camp for breakfast and normally some leisure time before taking part in an afternoon drive.
* On our last morning game drive the camp setup breakfast out in the bush! This was a wonderful experience and talk about breakfast with a view!
*  My group was able to see a cheetah take down an Impala on one morning game drive!

Late morning/afternoon:

After all the excitement on the morning game drive, it’s time for some breakfast! Return to your lodge for a breakfast and afternoon at your leisure. This is a great time to enjoy the amazing lodge or camp you are staying at! Indulge in a spa treatment or spend some time soaking up the African sun at the pool.
This is also a good time to visit the local community by seeing a local school or village. (At the Karen Blixen Camp in the Masai Mara, Kenya there is a cooking school)

Late Afternoon:

Now that the heat of the day is coming to an end and cooling a bit, get ready for another adventure on an afternoon game drive. Remember each drive brings new excitement and sites so DON'T MISS ANY !!! This drive will depart around 4:30pm and you will stay out until about 8:00 or 8:30pm.  Again, this time structure will depend on what you are seeing.  Make sure you bring a jacket as the sun sets it will cool off a ton.  This is a great time to see Lion lounging or elephants walking the plains. 
On my adventure, we asked to start the drive at 5:00pm so that we could stay out in the bush a little later to stargaze! The guides had a special laser pointer to point out the stars and constellations. 
Accent on Travel Special Advisor Tip: You can enjoy a beautiful sunset with some cocktails and hors d'oeuvres! This is what is called Sundowners and a typical to end your afternoon game drive. As the sun is setting, they set up a nice area where you can stop and have a cocktail, some snacks. Sometimes there's a fire going and you gather together and watch the sun go down. And the sunsets out there, just spectacular! Head back to camp for a delicious dinner and perhaps a dinner under the stars. 

Evening/ Late Evening:

Once back at your camp after a long and exciting day of new sights, it’s time to enjoy a delicious dinner.  You can dine and savor on some exotic flavors and special South African wines.
This is a great time to chat amongst others at the lodge and share stories around the campfire. 
A great way to end the night is with hot cocoa with a bit of Amarula. Amarula is a local cream liqueur made with sugar, cream and the fruit of the African Marula tree, which is also locally called the Elephant tree of the Marriage tree. 
Enjoy the comforts of your lodge and get ready for bed as a new day of exploring is ahead of you.

Things to bring on YOUR GAME DRIVE:

  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Jacket (fleece)
  • Rain jacket possibly 
  • Backup charger if using phone for pictures
  • Hat- safari hat with draw sting
  • I had a small backpack and had everything inside
I highly suggest the shorts that zip into pants! Lightweight and easy to change from pants to shorts! 


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