Celebrity Summit Ship Tour: Inaugural Cruise

Accent On Travel travel advisor Sofia Hedman was invited to the inaugural cruise of Celebrity Summit, including a ship tour of Celebrity's newly updated line. Read more for her first impressions! 

A few weekends ago, I was invited to go to San Juan Puerto Rico to see the brand new Celebrity Summit. In December, Celebrity Cruises debuted their brand-new ship, the Celebrity Edge. Since then, they have started a 500-million-dollar project to bring the other ships in their fleet up to the Edge's new standards.

Prior to the revitalization, many clients voiced concerns over Celebrity's older ships. However, after seeing the Summit after this revitalization, I know for certain our clients will feel right at home!

After four weeks in dry dock, the Summit has all new staterooms and public areas, and the whole ship is light and airy.

No one could believe the differences in the staterooms. I stayed in a Deluxe Verandah, and after walking in, you could not help but feel like your vacation was truly starting. I was lucky enough to tour some of the suites on board along with the concierge class, and even an inside and Oceanview category and the difference between the before and after photos we truly shocking in all categories.

Not only did they renovate the spaces on the ship, but they are also bringing onboard new experiences.  

For example, Celebrity signed a special partnership with the American Ballet Theater, which brings professional Ballet to see for the first time!

We went to a performance one night featuring some of their principal dancers, and it was truly breathtaking.

They spoke about how special this partnership was, and how they really want to offer a broad range of experiences for their travelers.  



A lot of clients might not have access to the ballet in their towns, so it’s a special partnership. It shows how Celebrity wants travelers to experience everything. 

Though seeing an older ship after a multimillion-dollar renovation was truly exciting, I was most excited to be on board a Celebrity ship.

After sending hundreds of clients onboard Celebrity ships, it was my first time to experience it firsthand.

The inaugural weekend consisted of 2 days of sailing, so we could really experience the ship. One thing that really stood out to me was the service on board.

You could tell that everyone on board really stood behind the company that they worked for, and Celebrity’s spirit really shined through all the onboard staff.   

Modern luxury at sea,” they call themselves. They've earned it. The service was insane. They were so good.

I went to a panel discussion one morning featuring the President & CEO of Celebrity Cruises Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, and other members of the Celebrity Corporation. They spoke about the vision behind the remodel, and you could really get a sense for what they all stood for.

They all really believed in the way that travel can change someone’s life, and they wanted their ships to reflect the start of that journey. You could also tell that the company stands behind equality.

6 out of the 9 bridge team were women, and the staff on board represented hundreds of countries! It was very cool.


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