Celebrity Cruises new Edge is the perfect ‘big ship’ cruise experience for travelers who typically like the ‘small ship cruising' for their more peaceful style.  Unlike many of the newest ships coming online, the Edge feels less like a floating adventure park and more like a place you would enjoy calling home for a while. The Edge's concept was the 1st ship to be designed by digital imaging from the bottom up rather than 2D drawings.  This new design concept will certainly not be ignored in the future based on the Edge.


What that means to guests is more than just added public space and square footage per guest.  It means a logical flow of corridors, and it means turning small public spaces into very cool unique hideaways. 


It also means two-story ‘fresh & airy’ multipurpose bar/casual spaces where the outside and ths brought in and the inside is brought out in the Edge.  The removal of a ‘grand staircase’ converted space into a two story ‘social space’ complete with a Martini Bar on the ground level and the ‘Café al Bacio’ steps above it. 


I could go on and on but let me just give you my TOP FAVORITE FEATURES of the new Celebrity Edge and why all past guests of Celebrity should take this for a 7-day or even a day, back to back, spin.

Inside Celebrity Edge at its Naming Ceremony

1 – For those who typically do not choose the Specialty Dining Rooms, you now have FOUR MAIN DINING ROOMS with no additional cover charge  - this is new to ‘large ship’ cruising and extremely thoughtful since not only does the décor change but each dining room offers a ‘select’ menu specific to the restaurant itself.  All cruise passengers will be assigned a dining room and table but you can check availabiality in the others as well – IF everyone keeps changing, it should work out perfect!


2 – The Theatre aka the ‘show room’ – is a WOW for someone who typically forgoes the shows for dancing or a movie.  The best description I could use is imagine the room being shaped like an egg on it’s side.  At one end is the stage with a 180 degree screen behind it to showcase the talent or add elements to the show and on the other end and up to the middle, full view seating.  I could not find a bad seat and the chairs were movable and comfortable.  Even some of the luxury lines cannot boast that.


3 – The Celebrity ‘app’ for everything!  Use it as a key pass for ordering gifts, making dining/activity reservations, viewing the ship deck by deck and more.  If you have traveling companions, add their booking number and their name/birthdate so you can ‘communicate’ onboard. 


4 – The Flying Carpet is such a great idea.  I was wondering how ‘useful’ this would be but it is multipurpose..  this additional ‘open air’ space slides from deck 15 where it is used as an additional bar just off the pool deck during the day when at sea & into the evening, to the pool deck and then used as a tender launch space when in port. 


5 – Finally, the rooms that live up to the hype – the ‘Infinity’ Verandas for couples, singles, and those needing Accessibility.  Celebrity’s Edge literally brought the balcony space inside the stateroom and I think the idea is great for some travelers!  Much like Uniworld Boutique River Cruises, they built the balcony into the living space giving you the option of opening and closing the upper portion the width of your stateroom while you have added seating to look out. 


Not everyone will like this feature (aka sun worshippers will not) and, I was surprised not all staterooms have this feature – the Villas, Suites from Iconic to Sky do not (nor do the oceanview and inside staterooms). But then again, these already provide great space inside the room.  

I haven’t even touched on the Gluten Free kiosk in the café, the great Vegan/Vegetarian options, the casino that does not need to be entered unless you want to gamble, and the only two level walking/jogging track that calls my name.  


In closing, the Edge has so many new features that I hope you try.  If you would like to learn more about where the Edge sails or would like to reach one of our Certified Cruise Advisors to be your personal travel concierge, please feel free to contact us


(800) 848-3273