Bryan Clement

Why do you love being in the travel industry? 

I enjoy living vicariously through the client that I am working with.  From the beginning of the planning and research stage to the review of documents, my excitement builds with the client.  It is all worth it when I speak to the client upon their return and hear what a great time they had.  Building relationships and making dreams come true one client at a time.

Where you hail from and what makes you proud to be from there and how that influences your travel profession?

I am from Baltimore, Maryland.  I think the state of Maryland is a snap shot of the travel industry.  In only a few hours I can be in the mountains or at the beach, with plenty of history to be found along the way.  Expanding the local options of my home state to a global travel portfolio is only broadening my horizons each time I assist a client with their travel plans.

Specialties / Certifications in the Industry:

Areas of expertise include Alaska, Italy & Europe, Caribbean Islands, adventure vacations, custom tours, hosted/escorted cruises and tours

Favorite Travel Experience and Why?

I enjoy visiting the state of Alaska.  The unaltered nature is unique to anywhere I have visited.  Each visit is different than the last.


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