Boutique River Cruise: Down the Danube with Uniworld

Let’s start with an overview

There were 39 of us on the 7-night cruise on Uniworld on the Danube river. On the SS Maria Theresa

The ship sails from Passau, Germany to Budapest. Every week it goes either way. Or it will start in Budapest and go back to Passau.

All the Uniworld ships are distinctly designed for the river they’re going to sail on. They’re designed not only physically but decoratively. So this one had a Viennese coffee shop on board, a painting of Maria Theresa, etc.

It’s one of the few truly all-inclusive river cruise experiences. All shore excursions. All trips, tips, meals, drinks, and tours. Because of the amenities on board and the inclusions it’s considered a truly luxury ship. 

With Uniworld, there’s an option to do shore excursions in every port that are complementary, ranging from more active activities like biking with a tour guide, to a coach city tour, to tours that will be more for travelers that have visited the destination before or insider travel. 

The off-the-beat path kind of experience

It’s called “do like the locals do.” 

They’re all locally guided. Then onboard they bring in local talent, musicians, and speakers. 

Is the fact that it’s all-inclusive sets Uniworld apart?

Absolutely. It distinguishes itself from the competition. It’s like a Viennese floating hotel. It has a masseuse on board. It has a gym. Award-winning dining. 

The clients (guests) do not have formal attire required. It’s relaxed for the client. 

Tell me more about the food. Any standouts?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner served in the main dining room. Dinner features a full a la carte menu featuring local favorites as well as American mainstays. 

Oh gosh, it’s all delicious. One of the standouts was really amazing and brought to my attention by one of my clients who owns a B&B – they do a fabulous job with gluten-free for those people who have Celiac. 

Every day, the food reflects the local fare in addition to the traditional American preferences. When we were in Hungary and we had Hungarian stews. In Germany, all  sausages and sauerkrauts. 

They took everyone to a Viennese concert. River cruises are always really culturally enriching, featuring the music and art of destination. So you may spend a morning bike riding and evening at a Viennese palace and concerts. 

They also offered a pub crawl so you had an opportunity to taste the local beers. 

So they really have something for everyone. 

I had 39 people for 12 days and not one complaint.

What was some of the feedback you got from clients? 

“It was the best vacation ever!”


How do the accommodations compare? 

River cruises tend to be smaller cabins, but all the cabins on Uniworld are completely luxurious with upgraded amenities and toiletries. Fine bedrooms It’s so luxurious sometimes you don’t want to get out of bed! 

Was this your first time taking this route? 

It was my fourth. With AMA, Viking, and Uniworld. Viking’s philosophy is “we get you there, you decide to do what you want and you pay extra for it." Uniworld is the most all-inclusive. 

Who's the right person for a Uniworld trip? 

The right person for Uniworld appreciates the finer aspects of travel. They like to be doted on and they like those little extras that come from staying at a five-star hotel. If you like five-star hotels or all-inclusive luxury, you’re perfect for Uniworld.